Thursday, October 27, 2016

Western STRINGS Made into Short Film

Got some good news to share with you folks - the Western short story I wrote entitled STRINGS is being made into a short film by Nashville filmmaker Cameron McCasland. The title of the film, however, is THE PRISONER OF PERDITION. Cameron felt, after doing a quick IMDB title search, that there were way too many films and shorts already with the title "Strings," so we changed the title of the short film. The shooting script was also written by me, and the movie was shot in a replica Western town in Hopkinsville, KY, an hour or so North of Nashville.

As of the date this is written the film is completely finished, edited and scored. It will be released as a short to festivals, then collected into an anthology next year. More on that later...

Yours ghouly on set talking to director McCasland.

The cast of Perdition gathers for a group shot in front of the saloon.

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