Monday, December 28, 2015

Retrieval Service

Last year I pulled all my short stories off of Amazon, in anticipation of publishing them in a collection together. The project was originally titled 13 for Thirteen, and consisted of thirteen stories written during the year 2013. I completed the project, wrote all 13 stories, and even had a number of them published in various anthologies, online, and even in a comic book.

One of those stories, RETRIEVAL SERVICE - was the very first to be published, in the anthology COMFORT FOODS, edited by Nikki Nelson Hicks. It is also currently in pre-production to be turned into a FILM version by Nashville film-maker Cameron McCasland!

The story concerns a man named James who works at a cemetery digging graves. He enjoys his job - honest work for honest pay. But when a shady coworker suggests they can benefit from the items buried with their clients, James gets more than he bargained for...

I recently made it available again on Amazon. It will still be published in the upcoming collection as well... but, more on that tomorrow!

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