Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thirteen for 13

At the beginning of this year I started a new project called Thirteen for 13. This is a series of thirteen short stories that will be written and published once a month (twice in October) during the year 2013. I wanted a project that would keep me busy and on a regular writing schedule, and although one story a month may not sound like much to most writers out there, for me it was the perfect challenge. Working full-time and being a single full-time dad, my time is limited. So I find time to write here and there and so far have kept on schedule. I'm working on some other projects besides this one, too, but I'm making sure to stay on target with this one because it's important to me. I made a promise to myself to get this project done, so I'm determined to do just that. Publishing them through Amazon kind of "legitimatizes" them to some extent, and it feels like an official release.

When the year is up I plan to gather them all into one volume and release them as a collection with additional material added to it. Thanks to those of you who have downloaded and read the stories so far. I appreciate you!!

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