Sunday, March 9, 2014

New short story in Upcoming Anthology

I just got the news that my short story FAMILY PLOT will be including in the upcoming anthology, NASHVILE GOTHIC. It is an anthology of Gothic horror stories that take place in the Middle TN area. I happened to have a story that fit that theme perfectly, and am very much looking forward to seeing this one in print! It's edited by Andrew Lee, and due out later this year - more details as they're announced!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Terror on the Plains Published at

My short story Terror on the Plains was published online back in January at

The man behind Beyond-Stories is Harold Sipe, who contacted me about doing an interview about my horror host program. Once he found out I'm also a writer, he asked if he could run a story on his site. I was honored, and sent him Terror on the Plains, a western flash-fiction piece.

Check out for interviews, short fiction, and more!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New short story published in COMFORT FOODS anthology

Spooky greetings, folks!

October is here - it's my favorite time of the year, and I've been making the most of it! Decorating the house to the hilt (yeaah, I'm THAT guy, the one in the neighborhood that goes all out with the home haunt), watching lots of spooky movies, and getting out to as many haunted attractions as possible. Along with all of the holiday festivities I have been busy writing, too. Working on finishing up my Thirteen for 13 series as well as some non-fiction works. In fact, one of my most recent tales, RETRIEVAL SERVICE, was just published in the anthology COMFORT FOODS.

 Available at AMAZON here

Edited by Nikki Nelson-Hicks, this anthology features 13 stories from the Nashville writer's group. Nikki put a call out on Facebook for more entries, so I submitted my most recent story. I wasn't actually a member of the Nashville writer's group - In fact I joined just so I could submit this story. But regardless, it's my first printed work and I'm happy to see it in print!

So Happy Halloween to all of you, and may your jack o'lanterns always burn bright!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Short Story...

My July story is posted on Amazon HERE. It is part of the Thirteen for 13 series. I'll be sending it out free to the newsletter subscribers - sign up in sidebar!! More Weird Western horror, available later this year in the  Thirteen for 13 collected volume!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

FREE Story with Mailing List Signup

Announcing a new promotion - Everyone who signs up for the mailing list here gets a free story, sent via email in PDF format. I promise to keep your information secure and never to sell it, and it will be used exclusively for news and promotional information regarding the Weird Works of Larry W. Underwood. Just fill out the info on the sidebar and hit subscribe!

Thanks and Excelsior!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jack Pierce, Frankendesigner now available on Kobo

Latest news: Jack Pierce, Frankendesigner is now available through Kobo, for my Canadian friends and followers, and can be found here. Thanks for your support!!

Kobo, for those not familiar, is a Canadian ebook company providing a vast catalog of books in all genres. Their site is very clean and easy to navigate. Their books are published in epub format, a different format than some of the other ebook companies, but never fear, they offer free apps on their website for all platforms - ipad/iphone/android/mac/pc and something called kobo instant reader that lets you shop for books and read them in your brower as soon as you purchase/download them. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jack Pierce Frankendesigner

The Jack Pierce ebook JACK PIERCE, FRANKENDESIGNER  (available on Kindle) was first published in Scary Monsters Magazine issue #85.  It occurred to me a couple of years back that there seemed to be a concerted effort to shift the credit for the design of the iconic Universal Studios Frankenstein makeup away from Jack Pierce and onto director James Whale, insinuating the design was Whale's and Pierce was merely the carpenter following his architectural makeup designs. I found this not only mystifying but downright insulting, and set out to set the record straight. I spent months researching, digging up every available article, book, or reference I could find that made mention of the design of the makeup. I was determined to make public what I found no matter which direction it pointed (and in fact I provide arguments on both sides of the issue). I traced the timeline of where the idea of Whale as originator first evolved backwards to its origin and found it sprang from pure conjecture on the part of one individual. From there it was picked up and run with by a couple of well-connected individuals, and over time it became mentioned as a matter of fact in modern film studies through sheer power of repetition.
The truth is laid out plainly in the ebook - Jack Pierce spent countless hours researching, preparing, testing, and redesigning again and again until he came up with the makeup that we see in the film. The idea of Whale as originator came from ONE quote, from Whale himself, with nothing to back it up. NO sketch exists of Whale's supposed artistic designs. Jack Pierce is a makeup master who designed iconic makeup works time and again - he had nothing to gain by fabricating his involvement in this design. It was what he did. It is what he DID do.
Also included in this ebook is a long lost interview with Jack Pierce from a Spanish newspaper. I uncovered it in Jack Pierce's scrapbook, copied it, translated it, and present it in the article for your enjoyment. He references the design of the makeup in this article, and just how much input Whale had in the design - no more, or less, than any director would have in such circumstances.
Available on Amazon HERE
Soon to be available on other platforms, too.
If you read it please leave me feedback on the Amazon page. I'd greatly appreciate it!!