Friday, February 5, 2016

Coming Soon - Dr. Gangrene's Tales from Parts Unknown!

The paperback version of the book has been uploaded to the printer, a proof copy is on its way for me to review. Look for both it and the eBook version to be released on Feb 22nd - more details on the way shortly! This art is by William C. Cope, winner of last year's RONDO award for Best Fan artist. William contributed art for the interior of this book, as well as this ad.

The actual cover of the book is by Dennis Vincent, a Rondo Award Hall of Fame member. Two talented people whose work you should definitely check out!

Dennis Vincent

William C. Cope

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dr. Gangrene's Tales from Parts Unknown

Greetings fright fans!! As promised, I have an update on my upcoming collection of short stories. Originally titled Thirteen for 13, I have now decided to publish it under the title DR. GANGRENE'S TALES FROM PARTS UNKNOWN. It'll be released in early January, 2016 - and you folks will be the first to find out about it here.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, here's the cover for the collection, with amazing artwork from Dennis Vincent.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Retrieval Service

Last year I pulled all my short stories off of Amazon, in anticipation of publishing them in a collection together. The project was originally titled 13 for Thirteen, and consisted of thirteen stories written during the year 2013. I completed the project, wrote all 13 stories, and even had a number of them published in various anthologies, online, and even in a comic book.

One of those stories, RETRIEVAL SERVICE - was the very first to be published, in the anthology COMFORT FOODS, edited by Nikki Nelson Hicks. It is also currently in pre-production to be turned into a FILM version by Nashville film-maker Cameron McCasland!

The story concerns a man named James who works at a cemetery digging graves. He enjoys his job - honest work for honest pay. But when a shady coworker suggests they can benefit from the items buried with their clients, James gets more than he bargained for...

I recently made it available again on Amazon. It will still be published in the upcoming collection as well... but, more on that tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Update 2016


I've been away from this blog for a while now, and am long overdue for an update. 2015 was an extremely busy and very productive year!

First and foremost I'm happy to report that I had stories published in two anthologies this year from Horrified Press.

The first was the Weird Western story "The Crimson Trail," published in the anthology  THE FALL OF CTHULHU - VOLUME II.

Next was the Halloween story "Night of the Witch" which was published in the OCTOBER'S END anthology, again from Horrified Press.

I had a story published in prose form in a horror comic anthology, too. The Weird Western "Dead Man's Warning" was published in CEMETERY PLOTS by Empire Lab Comics.

In addition, I have another story slated for publication in the second issue of CEMETERY PLOTS, a short horror piece entitled "No Solicitors."

I am also still waiting for the NASHVILLE GOTHIC anthology to be released featuring my story "Family Plot."

And finally, I have a story entitled "Parts Unknown" which will appear in the anthology RECONSTRUCTING THE MONSTER from Emby Press, and should be released early 2016.

This year was super busy on the horror host front as well. I am proud to report I won a Rondo Award for my Dr. Gangrene blog, was inducted into the HORROR HOST HALL OF FAME, continued publishing my ongoing video series THE FANTASTIC FILMS OF VINCENT PRICE, wrote 4 columns for SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE, as well as hosted numerous live events and much, much more. It was a very busy and rewarding year, and I look forward to an even more exciting 2016 (if that is possible!)

I will have more news and updates soon. Thank you so much for your patience, and here's to a monsterific 2016!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New short story in Upcoming Anthology

I just got the news that my short story FAMILY PLOT will be including in the upcoming anthology, NASHVILE GOTHIC. It is an anthology of Gothic horror stories that take place in the Middle TN area. I happened to have a story that fit that theme perfectly, and am very much looking forward to seeing this one in print! It's edited by Andrew Lee, and due out later this year - more details as they're announced!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Terror on the Plains Published at

My short story Terror on the Plains was published online back in January at

The man behind Beyond-Stories is Harold Sipe, who contacted me about doing an interview about my horror host program. Once he found out I'm also a writer, he asked if he could run a story on his site. I was honored, and sent him Terror on the Plains, a western flash-fiction piece.

Check out for interviews, short fiction, and more!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New short story published in COMFORT FOODS anthology

Spooky greetings, folks!

October is here - it's my favorite time of the year, and I've been making the most of it! Decorating the house to the hilt (yeaah, I'm THAT guy, the one in the neighborhood that goes all out with the home haunt), watching lots of spooky movies, and getting out to as many haunted attractions as possible. Along with all of the holiday festivities I have been busy writing, too. Working on finishing up my Thirteen for 13 series as well as some non-fiction works. In fact, one of my most recent tales, RETRIEVAL SERVICE, was just published in the anthology COMFORT FOODS.

 Available at AMAZON here

Edited by Nikki Nelson-Hicks, this anthology features 13 stories from the Nashville writer's group. Nikki put a call out on Facebook for more entries, so I submitted my most recent story. I wasn't actually a member of the Nashville writer's group - In fact I joined just so I could submit this story. But regardless, it's my first printed work and I'm happy to see it in print!

So Happy Halloween to all of you, and may your jack o'lanterns always burn bright!!